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Anette Olzon's Shine Review @  (Album review, EN) - 22.03.2014Today we present you the review of the first solo album of former Nightwish singer Anette Olzon, which will be released on march 31st. The album, entitled "Shine", makes us discover a whole new style that is very different of her previous perfomances.

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Interview with Sharon Den Adel @  (Paris, FR) - 07.02.2011Today, we met with Sharon den Adel in Paris. Robert, Ruud and her were there to promote their soon to be released new album: The Unforgiving. We talked about the concept of the album, about the story of the comics it’s based upon and also about the movies that will revolve round it. Since we were given the chance to listen to the new songs, we were able to talk about the big step that the band is taking by bringing us an all new sound, very different from what they’ve done until now, and yet, still perfectly true to what Within Temptation is.
Krypteria - Interview @ Atak (Enschede, NL) - 27.02.2010On February 28th, after 3 years of tough waiting, we had the pleasure to meet again with the 4 inhabitants of Krytperiapolis! :) Six months after the release of their last album My Fatal Kiss, they presented us with this new record, the way it was created and the way they feel about it now. We talked about the importance of live experience in their music. If you haven't listened to their record yet, don't wait any longer.
Delain - Interview @ Havana Café (Toulouse, FR) - 01.04.2009We met with Martijn just before Delain's 7th concert in France, this time supporting Kamelot. We talked a lot about the release of their second album April Rain. He answered some questions about the writing process and the structure of the songs. Martijn also explained to us that they were working on a tour in France as well as on a special show in the Netherlands.
Eths - Interview @ Espace Julien (Marseille, FR) - 20.02.2009We met with Candice and Staif from Eths before their concert in Marseille, their native city. We talked about their tour in South America for their last album Tératologie. They explained to us how this album was created, and in which way it's different from their first EPs Autopsie and Samantha. Since Tératologie was released in October of 2007, we learned that they just started working on some new material. The interview is available both in English and in French. Don't miss the subtitled video message.
Kingfisher Sky - Interwiew @ Boerderij (Zoetermeer, NL) - 27.12.2008Just before Kingfisher Sky's second concert in the Boerderij, we met with Ivar de Graaf, the drummer and co-founder of the band. We talked about the debuts of Kingfisher Sky, especially their first album Hallway Of Dreams. We also discussed the writing process of the second album, which has already started.
Korpiklaani - Interview @ Jas'Rod (Marseille, FR) - 25.11.2008After the concert of Korpiklaani in Marseille, we had the nice surprise to be able to meet with their bassist Jarkko Aaltonen. We talked about the Finnish Fire Tour and some other old gigs. He also gave us his point of view about the evolution of their music. We learned that the writing of the next album was well started, and that the release date was planned for the 16th of September 2009. It was a really nice meeting!
Within Temptation - Interview @ Appelpop (Tiel, NL) - 13.09.2008Before Within Temptation's concert in Appelpop, Robert Westerholt took the time to answer some of our questions. We talked about the release of the Black Symphony DVD. Another part of the discussion involved the upcoming Theater Tour. We talked a little bit about the future and more precisely about the next album. To conclude, we came back on the Rock en France performance, where WT opened for Metallica.
Textures - Interview @ Appelpop (Tiel, NL) - 13.09.2008We met with Stef Broks and Jochem Jacobs, the drummer and one of the guitarists of Textures, right after their show in Appelpop. We mainly talked about their last album Silhouettes. They told us how the writing process usually goes. We talked about the general atmosphere of the album and they explained to us in which way this album perfectly fits the band's idea of making music. They also looked back on 2008 and we evoked their project of touring in North America next year.
Agua de Annique - Interview @ Le Splendid (Lille, FR) - 26.04.2008We met with Anneke van Giersbergen (ex-The Gathering) in between the two concerts that Agua de Annique played in France. Therefore, she was able to give us her impressions about the French audience. We discussed a lot of matters related to ADA first album Air, as well as the next album. She also answered our questions about her past and upcoming projects and appearances asides the band.
Delain - Interview @ La Boule Noire (Paris, FR) - 25.01.2008Just before a sold-out show in Paris, we interviewed Charlotte Wessels from Delain. We talked about their recent European tour as headliners. Charlotte gave us a lot of information concerning their upcoming album. To conclude, she drew a little portrait of each band member.
The Birthday Massacre - Interview @ CCO (Lyon, FR) - 31.10.2007We met with Chibi and Rainbow before their concert in Lyon. After a quick presentation of their evolution these last 8 years, we talked about their last album Walking With Strangers. They gave us details about the writing process, the concept behind it and the artwork surrounding it. To conclude, they explained to us how their fans support is important and rewarding.
Epica - Interview @ Metal Female Voices (Wieze, BE) - 20.10.2007Just before a big signing session, Mark Jansen answered extremely nicely our questions regarding Epica. We talked about their first US tour as headliners, their last album The Divine Conspiracy, an eventual second single, their experience with Nuclear Blast, and their CD presentation.
Valkyre - Interview @ Metal Female Voices (Wieze, BE) - 20.10.2007We met with Kris Scheerlinck, ex member of the Belgian band Sengir, guitarist and founder member of Valkyre, and also Gaelle Pruvost (keyboards & additional vocals). We talked about the evolution of the band from its creation in 2004 to the extremely recent release of their new 4-track CD called Consolamentum.
Delain - Interview @ Zenith (Paris, FR) - 08.10.2007We interviewed Delain a first time earlier this year, before their first concert in France. Tonight, we met with Charlotte Wessels again, just before Delain’s 5th French gig. We talked about the band experiences with the French audience. We also mentioned Delain’s burning issues. And finally, we discussed the band’s future.
Within Temptation - Interview @ Zenith (Paris, FR) - 08.10.2007Just before Within Temptation’s concert in Paris, we spent half an hour talking with the guitarist Ruud Jolie. He answered our questions about the US Tour, the upcoming special concerts in Eindhoven and Rotterdam (with the Metropole Orchestra), the new single, the multiple nominations for Belgian, Dutch and European awards, and also the special relation that the band has with their fans.
Syrens Call - Interview @ Raismes Fest (Raismes, FR) - 09.09.2007On this second day of the Raismes Festival, all the band members of the french band Syrens Call took the time to answer our questions about their 10th anniversary, their musical background, as well as their planned future. For now the interview is only available in french, but the english version will be online as soon as possible.
After Forever - Interview @ de Vorstin (Hilversum, NL) - 01.09.2007Before the awaited comeback of Sander on stage, Floor Jansen answered some of our questions concerning Sander’s absence, their work with George Oosthoek, the upcoming European and North American tour as well as their experience with their label Nuclear Blast. We also had a sneak peek at the 'welcome back' cake that the band was going to give to Sander.
Krypteria - Interview @ Summer Darkness (Utrecht, NL) - 11.08.2007After their first concert in the Netherlands, all the members of Krypteria answered some of our questions, and they did it extremely nicely. We talked about the evolution in the style of the band, from their musical project to their last album Bloodangels Cry, which is clearly heavier than all their previous releases. They also explained to us how they tackle the writing of new material.
TheNAME - Interview @ Summer Darkness (Utrecht, NL) - 11.08.2007After their concert in the Tivoli, we did an interview of Silas (guitars/grunts) and Hadassa (vocals) from the Dutch band theNAME. We also took a few pictures of the whole band, which means, in addition to the ones already named, Mike (bass) and Salvador (drums). We talked about the creation and evolution of the band, and also about their last album Recognition, released in July 2006.
Delain - Interview @ Zenith (Lille, FR) - 28.04.2007Just before their first concert in France, we did an interview of Martijn and Charlotte from Delain. They answered our questions extremely nicely… We could have guessed since, well, Martijn is a Westerholt, and Charlotte is as cute and nice on stage than off stage!
You will learn that a new single will come for sure! :)
And to conclude, they recorded a little video message for all the French fans and future fans!