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Within Temptation Concerts
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Interview with Sharon Den Adel @  (Paris, FR) - 07.02.2011Today, we met with Sharon den Adel in Paris. Robert, Ruud and her were there to promote their soon to be released new album: The Unforgiving. We talked about the concept of the album, about the story of the comics it’s based upon and also about the movies that will revolve round it. Since we were given the chance to listen to the new songs, we were able to talk about the big step that the band is taking by bringing us an all new sound, very different from what they’ve done until now, and yet, still perfectly true to what Within Temptation is.
Sharon Den Adel @ Night of the Proms (Antwerpen, BE) - 30.10.2009The Night Of The Proms is not a metal rendez-vous, and yet, this evening was by far the best we had in a long time. First, it was a huge venue and the audience brought a lot of emotion to the show. The atmosphere was magic and, of course, being able to see our metal queen singing Stairway To Heaven together with John Miles was a unique moment. She also sang two WT songs: Ice Queen and Stand My Ground. The intro before Ice Queen was both aesthetically and musically perfect since it was a Mother Earth and Ice Queen combo played by an orchestra! One didn't even miss the rest of the band! :D
Within Temptation Theater Tour @ Muziekcentrum (Enschede, NL) - 23.11.2008The greatest achievement of the theatre tour was the magical atmosphere that both the stagecraft and the musical production managed to create. The lights were very soft and they evolved in harmony with the music variations. The musicians who don’t belong to the usual line-up were standing behind a see-through projector screen. All we could see were their silhouettes which looked like the shadows of some dancing ghosts moving alternately from dark places to fiery glows. The images that were projected on the screen were not too omnipresent and they fitted the environment well. If you were seated in one of the upper circles of the theatre, you really could appreciate the combination of all those unusual elements. While the first part of the show was mainly acoustic, the second part consisted of electric songs played in the usual way. This is the only little thing that would have required some improvement.
Within Temptation Theater Show @ Schouwburg (Almere, NL) - 16.11.2008When Within Temptation announced that there was going to be a Theater Tour, we immediately knew that they would come with something really special. But, the truth is that when you really appreciate a band and when you see them regularly, you tend to forget how a thrill it was to see them on stage at the very beginning… Well, the first tones of this concert instantly refreshed our memory. The feeling was magical. When we heard the intro of Towards The End, it was like a sudden shiver running through us. That night was an exquisite way to rediscover what makes this band one of a kind.
Within Temptation @ Appelpop (Tiel, NL) - 13.09.2008It was quite nice to see Within Temptation at the Appelpop festival again. Two years ago, the show was memorable so this night had to come up to our expectations. And it kind of did. Sharon was particularly dynamic and cheerful. She played her role perfectly and the fireworks brought their usual kicking ass touch to the show. The audience was theirs from the beginning to the end!
Within Temptation - Interview @ Appelpop (Tiel, NL) - 13.09.2008Before Within Temptation's concert in Appelpop, Robert Westerholt took the time to answer some of our questions. We talked about the release of the Black Symphony DVD. Another part of the discussion involved the upcoming Theater Tour. We talked a little bit about the future and more precisely about the next album. To conclude, we came back on the Rock en France performance, where WT opened for Metallica.
Within Temptation Signing Session @ Appelpop (Tiel, NL) - 13.09.08Well, I don’t have anything to comment on since it wasn’t a show, but let’s take the opportunity to talk about the band members of Within Temptation. What’s extremely nice about them all is that they always take the time to have a chat. It’s not something that they’re forced to do. They simply do it, without being condescending or anything. They’re just themselves: funny, nice, kind. It’s not something that happens often with a band of their range. And since you’re about to watch some photos, two words about Sharon: exquisitely beautiful!
Within Temptation @ Rock en France (Arras, FR) - 14.08.2008Within Temptation opened for Metallica. The band seemed very enthusiastic about it and you could see that they put their hearts into it. Unfortunately, the large majority of the Mets fans present that day were narrow-minded people. They booed and screamed insanely as soon as the first note rang without even trying to listen to the music. It’s really sad to see such a display of disrespect.
Within Temptation @ Summer Darkness (Utrecht, NL) - 06.08.08Despite the fact that everything was ready on stage, the concert still started 25 minutes behind schedule. But the band made up for it! Sharon and Robert were in an extremely good mood, and even if Sharon had some voice problems, she kept singing until the end. She also moved and smiled much more than usual. The headbangings were perfect! Don’t miss the Ice Queen video!
Within Temptation @ Bêkefeesten (Bathmen, NL) - 30.05.2008This concert was clearly better than the previous one in Bathmen two years ago. Tonight, Within Temptation played just before their trip to Spain. So they seemed perfectly rested. Therefore, they radiated lots of good energy. The fireworks were nice, and the Dutch audience was totally into it. Once again, the concert was visually perfect!
Within Temptation @ 013 (Tilburg, NL) - 22.11.2007This show was the last try-out before the Eindhoven gig. We had the big honor to hear an acoustic version of Forgiven on stage. A lot of French people were present that night, and we were armed with confetti, serpentines and balloons (watch the Ice Queen video!). Therefore, the atmosphere was much more energetic than the usual Dutch one.
Within Temptation - Interview @ Zenith (Paris, FR) - 08.10.2007Just before Within Temptation’s concert in Paris, we spent half an hour talking with the guitarist Ruud Jolie. He answered our questions about the US Tour, the upcoming special concerts in Eindhoven and Rotterdam (with the Metropole Orchestra), the new single, the multiple nominations for Belgian, Dutch and European awards, and also the special relation that the band has with their fans.
Within Temptation @ Zenith (Paris, FR) - 08.10.2007After taking a nap during the second support act, the crowd was all rested and ready to get crazy again, seizing each opportunity they got to scream for Jane Doe. As promised during the show in the Bataclan, the band played 3 special songs: Aquarius, It’s The Fear and of course Jane Doe. They also added Final Destination to this special setlist. So dank je wel from all the French fans, and especially to Sharon, who was more dynamic than ever!
Within Temptation @ Earthshaker Festival (Rieden, DE) - 21.07.2007After a long and difficult wait, particularly during Cradle Of Filth, WT finally arrived on stage. First thing that comes to mind: amazing lights. Best lights ever actually! It was a pleasure from the beginning to the end. The band was at its best, totally into the concert. The crowd enjoyed it a lot too; there was a good atmosphere, too much drunk crowd surfers maybe… but still very good! As for the videos: open your eyes and close your ears.
Within Temptation Fanclub Day @ Effenaar (Eindhoven, NL) - 08.07.2007Fanclub day #2, the return… a little bit better, but still extremely boring and annoying. The organisation sucked big time. A lot of waiting, and for what? A tombola? A quizz? A signing session where you only had the time to say 'thanks' (if you were lucky)? Come on!!! Fortunately, the rare times when we saw them, the band was true to themselves: nice and funny, and the acoustic session saved the afternoon: a huge thanks for Restless! Keep the band, fire the organizers!
Within Temptation @ Le Bataclan (Paris, FR) - 21.05.2007The first word that comes to mind to describe this concert is hot! Damn hot!!! ‘Hot’ because as Robert rightly pointed it out, this venue felt more like a sauna than like a concert hall. Also ‘hot’ because the band and the audience was extremely involved in the show. It radiated a special energy that made the biggest part of us able to jump and sing until the last song. Hum… who said Sharon was hot??!!! Identify yourself!!! :)
Within Temptation @ Artefacts Festival (Strasbourg, FR) - 29.04.2007After the amazing concert in Lille the day before, everyone - both on stage and in the audience - was expecting something huge. And well… it wasn’t huge at all. The crowd was literally sleeping. Except some groups of people, spread here and there in the audience, no one was screaming, nor jumping. The band must have been as surprised as us, to find their selves facing this old people’s club. Come on people!!!
Within Temptation @ Le Transbordeur (Lyon, France) - 28.03.2007It’s harsh to be back to reality. Organization sucked. ‘Security’ only meant forbidding cameras. Making sure the public wasn’t too violent wasn’t any of their concern. And French crowds are hysterical and disrespectful. They spent all of their time squeezing people to reach the first row. Fortunately, the band was awesome, happy to be there and to speak French! It’s great to see that popularity doesn’t change them! And well done with WHYD on stage!
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Within Temptation Press Conference @ Hard Rock Café Montmartre (Paris, FR) - 13.01.2007After the listening of The Heart Of Everything, Sharon and Robert came in to talk about some burning issues concerning the new album. Far away from the usual fan hysteria, they seemed relaxed and happy about their new ‘baby’, and answered every question without any pretension, only simplicity. Concerning the choice of the first single: they’re huge fans of Keith Caputo, and therefore are proud to present What Have You Done !
Within Temptation @ Appelpop Festival (Tiel, NL) - 08.09.2006A first row in front of the stage catwalk entirely French, for an entirely enjoyable concert! The (not so) Silent France was there to welcome back Sharon’s headbangs on the recently all new The Howling. The band was happy to play at the Appelpop Festival for the 4th time in a row, and the jumping audience thanked them more than enough! Was it the last Within Temptation’s jumping event (??!!) since the new album feels much more like headbanging?
Within Temptation @ M'era Luna (Hildesheim, DE) - 13.08.2006A warm gothic audience, a headliner position, a lot of fireworks, a german-speaking Sharon, the exclusive new stage set, The Howling only for the 2nd time (damn dutch who had it the day before!), what else…? Oh yes! Sharon nearly suffocated on stage… Stop panicking! Of course it’s hyperbolic! She just choked for a few minutes because of the smoke… And so did the 1st few rows in the audience. Robert, any comments? “Fireworks are cool!”
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Within Temptation @ Lokerse Feesten (Lokeren, B) - 08.08.2006Who would have guessed that this ordinary concert, in this equally ordinary city, would have been the best ever? Quite an unexpected surprise! An awesome one actually!!! The lights were perfect. Sharon strolled majestically on the catwalk. The band was there 200%. And to make this evening even more special, when everybody was preparing to jump like hell on Ice Queen, the first notes of Jane Doe rang out, pleasantly surprising our incredulous ears!!!
Within Temptation @ Evolution Festival (Toscolano Maderno, IT) - 15.07.2006After an endless and extremely hot wait, the band made it on stage about an hour late. Although they probably weren’t so fresh after a day on the roads, they definitely refreshed us with their enthusiasm and energy. And to conclude this great day, they generously offered their fans an unplanned meeting of two hours, the perfect occasion to tell Sharon that if you want to say “Thanks” in Italian, you have to say “Grazie!”, and not “Grazi!”, even if it’s cute!
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Within Temptation's Fanclub Day @ Tivoli (Utrecht, NL) - 18.06.2006Well! It was the first WT fanclub meeting, so let’s not be too harsh! The look-a-like contest was maybe a reasonable idea, but it was kind of boring… Fortunately, the sense of humour of the band once again made the trick! Special mention to the wardrobe presentation of Sharon! Making the dummy fall was the perfect way to set the tone of the evening! Making a pass at it was certainly another way to go! Too bad we had to leave before the Delain concert!
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Within Temptation @ Bêkefeesten (Bathmen, NL) - 26.05.2006It’s a sad thing to say, but Within Temptation shouldn’t play with After Forever as a support act, especially if they’re coming back from Portugal, and if they are tired. After Forever made such an amazing impression that it was difficult to really appreciate the WT show. Everything sounded less powerful. Even Sharon’s special way of moving didn’t get to us, maybe because she did it out of habit, without really feeling it. But hey! It’s still Within Temptation! It’s worth it!
Within Temptation @ Wacken Open Air (Wacken, DE) - 05.08.2005Too bad this concert was our first one, for we didn’t make the most of it. Of course the show was amazing, beyond everything we had wished for. We wouldn’t have changed places for the world! But, it didn’t stop there! The set-list was PERFECT. Enter, Jane Doe, so many songs we long for today!!! And we were so excited being there that we didn’t make sure to remember each detail of it… We surely remember Sharon and Robert singing together though!
Within Temptation - Signing Session @ Wacken Open Air (Wacken, DE) - 05.08.20053:00 PM: here we were, waiting on the sides of the Meet & Greet stage, convinced that it was Edguy’s turn to sign. Weird, it was supposed to start at 2:30 PM… Here’s something even weirder: Tobias is shaved off. Oh my god! It isn’t Tobias, it’s Robert!!! What the f***! And we didn’t even wait in the line!!! Fortunately, Sharon is adorable, and she also says hi to people on the sides! (Well, people on the sides that call for her!)


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