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Concert Korpiklaani @ Jas Rod (Marseille / Pennes Mirabeau, France) - 2008

Concert Korpiklaani @ Jas Rod (Marseille / Pennes Mirabeau, France) - 2008

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In June 2007 the next album "Tervaskanto" was released. In Tervaskanto the folk-metal style has even more taken shape. The songs are energetic, catchy and very melodic. Most lyrics are written again by Juha Jyrks who became more or less permanently engaged as lyrics writer. This album only has two songs in English, but the booklet contains, as usual, translations of the lyrics and some background information. The usual mix of skillfully played genuine instruments, rough vocals, original melodies, outstanding lyrics, energy, joy and beer, made Tervaskanto to a highlight for many people.

KORPIKLAANI performed through the years on many stages and many festivals. To see this band live is an unforgettable experience. When KORPIKLAANI plays, it is party time for the band, but maybe even more for the audience that soon changes in one big happy, whirling pit, where everyone has a great time, and all daily worries are forgotten.

Finnish Fire Tour

Grab your wooden pints and join Korpiklaani in the Finnish Fire Tour! In November and December we will play in many European countries, come and party with them!

The party will be bigger than ever, because in Finnish Fire Tour it won't be just Korpiklaani, but they will tour with three great Finnish bands: Battlelore, Falchion and Kivimetsn Druidi!

Source : Official Korpiklaani website and myspace
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