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PICTURES COMING SOON - Christmas Metal Symphony @ 013 (Tilburg, NL) - 2008 - Joost Van Den Broek

PICTURES COMING SOON - Christmas Metal Symphony @ 013 (Tilburg, NL) - 2008 - Joost Van Den Broek

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If you are bored of all those Christmascelebrations with your family; we hereby present you the best way to escape reality! Get your agendaís out: on Sunday December 28. 2008 one of the finest metalvenues in the Netherlands, 013 in Tilburg, will present the first edition of a new metal conceptshow with a (Christmas-)twist named CHRISTMAS METAL SYMPHONY!

Vocalists and musicians like DORO, RUSSELL ALLEN (Symphony X), MATS LEV…N (Therion), JOHAN EDLUND (Tiamat) IAN PARRY (Consortium Project), MARCELA BOVIO (Stream of Passion), FLOOR JANSEN (After Forever) and GEORGE OOSTHOEK (Orphanage) have already confirmed their presence, while more names will be announced shortly. They will be musically backed up by a 6-piece band and a 30-piece classical orchestra will perform the finest metalsongs of all times. This unique show will contain songs from all metalgenres from progmetal to rock, from death to speed and from industrial to name it...itís all in the show!!

Christmas Metal Symphony tells the story of Jonathan. Jonathan is a loner and when he is confronted with his own (yet undiscovered) talents, the world becomes his oyster. He learns about life, about human behaviour and how to survive in a world that he never understood. Jonathan learns how to use his talents for the benefit of himself and of those around him....

Musical-director of Christmas Metal Symphony is JOOST VAN DEN BROEK (keyboardist & songwriter of After Forever) who joined forces with the MAGNUM OPUS ROCKESTRA. This impressive classical orchestra is unique in its kind, since all musicians are long term classical trained but real rock and metalfans by heart. Itís safe to say that they will deliver the icing on the Christmaspudding!

The heavy backbone of the show is a fantastic metalband, handpicked by Joost and contains some of the finest Dutch metalartists: KOEN HERFST (Drums / Epica), MARCEL COENEN (Gitaar / Sun Caged), JOHAN VAN STRATUM (Bas / Stream of Passion), SANDER GOMMANS (Gitaar / After Forever), JEFFREY REVET (Keyboards / Stream of Passion ) and, of course, Joost van den Broek himself also ..boards.

Over the years, artists have written many conceptalbums and conceptshows; great stories and great unique songs. The team of Christmas Metal Symphony decided that so many great songs have already been written though the years that it would be a shame not to use them. For this reason, you may expect impressive performances of some of the finest metalsongs, by some of the finest international artists in a great Christmas setting in one of Hollandís finest concertvenues. What a great way to celebrate Christmas....

The first names are already confirmed, but we will announce more names in the forthcoming weeks since we are still talking to more artists to complete the line up. Christmas Metal Symphony will be a unique event, so if your are a true ďmetalheadĒ canít afford to miss out on this one!

DATE: Sunday December 28 2008
VENUE: 013 Ė Tilburg
DOORS: 19.00 uur
SHOW: 20.30 uur
Advance Tickets 013 Boxoffice en via ticketservice. (info: Presale starts: October 10.2008)
Pre sale Ä 32,50 / Showday : Ä 35,- (excl. Reservationcosts)
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